Best Alternative Days Out In London
Looking for something different. See our list of the top 5 alternative days out to be had in the capital.

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Alternative Days Out In London

March 2023 / By LEbony

Don't go for the same old same old. Treat your next hot date to something completely different. An experience that they will remember for a long time to come, an experience that is not just run of the mill. Take a look at our ideas for the best alternative days out in London.

The Secret Garden

Visit London's Secret Garden, complete with stylish dining pods and a summer beach. This peaceful oasis is tucked away in Kensington and you may forget that you're still in the middle of Central London.

Treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience like no other in your own private pod. Every single pod is temperature regulated for maximum comfort, no matter the season. Get together with your pals during Afternoon tea or have a dinner party with your close circle of friends!

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The Escape Rooms

Extreme challenges, complex narratives and hyper-realistic sets and props make the Escape Rooms a popular destination for those looking for a more immersive experience. With a number of rooms/games to negotiate. Every Escape Room comes with its own enthralling and intricate story. You have to use your brain power and intuition to decipher the puzzles and finish the plot in order to get your freedom and escape the room. But, it's no easy feat - if you fail, there will be dire consequences.

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Urban Skate Park

Once a skater always a skater! No matter what your age, the Urban Skate Park is a welcoming and fully equipped indoor skate park to have fun at. Located in Hemel Hempstead, the skatepark has been built to provide a wonderful experience to skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX riders & skaters of all levels. It has become one of the UK's top-notch covered skateparks and is open to skaters of all ages and abilities.

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Leinster Gardens Fake Facade

The Leinster Gardens are an example of how London can be deceiving. On the surface, it's just a peaceful, tree-lined street with elegant houses- nothing extraordinary. However, if you look closely, you'll find that some of those houses are just facades and not the real deal. From the outside, these buildings seem innocuous enough & effortlessly blend in like any other terraced balcony property. However, upon closer inspection you will notice that something seems off. They appear too still, too lifeless and don't quite evoke a warm welcome, and that's because they are only a facade.

To make way for the Metropolitan Line, two houses had to be removed in order to construct an air vent.The people living in the area were absolutely livid. To restore the look of the old neighborhood, they called for two fake buildings to be constructed in place of the gap. So, these faux houses were developed as a solution to their problem.

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Climb The O2

A great alternative activity to take your next hot ebony escort on a date that she will not forget in a hurry. Admire the captivating views of London from the peak of the O2. This thrilling experience is sure to reward those who are brave enough to climb to the top of this iconic attraction for an incomparable sight. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, set off on an exciting journey with your guide to gaze upon the stunning views of Canary Wharf, Olympic Park & Greenwich. All the necessary equipment such as climb suits, boots, harness and latch are provided ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience. No climbing experience is necessary.

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