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Overnight Ebony Escort London

March 2022 / By Jetson

Picture the scene, a luscious, elite ebony escort turns up for your date in the early evening as the sun begins it's descent after putting in another sizzling shift! Your chosen companion looks simply stunning, dressed to thrill and excite. But, there is something else going on here for your beautiful ebony escort is also carrying an overnight bag! Designer, of course, and packed with all the essentials a lady needs for a sleep-over! The only thing is, there probably will not be much sleeping done, so let's stick to an 'overnight stay'. However, since you are obviously not in a situation where you can act on it in any way (unless you are in a relationship with a professional masseuse), the fantasy you have about taking it to that next sexy level with a stranger will require a visit to an escort. It has become easier than ever to book a sexy model thanks to the internet. Forget having to visit street corners or brothels, everything has become so much safer, where you can make a selection from scores of beautiful ladies you will sit on your couch or at a counter at the pub. While the typical sexual fun is always going to be front and centre when it comes to the world's escorts, you’ll be happy to find that many of them have a very naughty menu of different activities the two (or three!) of you can engage in. Whether getting an erotic massage is a fantasy kink of yours or just something that can be a nice bit of foreplay, you will definitely agree: There’s nothing like a night with professional London Escorts making your rub-down dreams come true.  

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The Perfect Setup

As mentioned above, making these appointments have become effortless, and visiting an escort site means you can search through many different profiles to see what each model offers. While many black escorts offer at least some sort of massage service, you can tell the ones that go above and beyond by what they list in their bio or the features. They will make a point of talking about the techniques and oils that they use, and may even describe specific types (which we’ll get to).

There is also the element of role-playing that can enter the picture. The massage fantasy can become even more intense if she pretends to be a real masseuse, but is so taken by your body and so turned on that she can’t resist getting frisky and naked herself. Now her acting skills don’t have to be on par with Emilia Clarke, since her hands all over your body will take up most of your attention, but this little bit of role-playing can definitely add some spice to the proceedings.

Hot Massage Types

Obviously, you will go to a professional masseuse for several different reasons, which can range from work on a specific area of the body that might be tight or in pain or a head to toe rubdown just to relax.

Getting an escort might start with the latter, but obviously, the expectation is that she will eventually get between your legs and give extra attention to whatever she finds there.

At that point, the massage might continue and she will provide you with a happy ending if you so wish, but it also might naturally evolve into more traditional moments of foreplay or sexual intercourse. Depending on your definition, a massage with one’s mouth is not too shabby, either. However, there are massages that are specifically named for their focus on the genitals.

A lingam massage is given to men, and is not only focused on your meat and two bits, but your prostate as well. She will certainly ask for permission to go in that backdoor region, but rest assured, if she promises to make it special, you will absolutely love it.

A yonic massage is the sort devoted to the women’s privates, and if you feel you have got some magic finger talent, you can almost become an escort yourself. These sorts of massages can be relaxing and pleasurable, and even medical professionals acknowledge some benefits.

About the only prerequisite for a proper massage other than two bodies is massage oil or lotion, and if you have a bit of kink for loving the feeling of this sensuous liquid being slowly spread all over your body, you will definitely be interested in the Nuru Massage.

It requires plenty of massage oil because it doesn’t involve the model rubbing it all over your body with just her hands. Instead, she gets as naked as you already are, rubs the oil all over her chest and body, and then rubs herself all over you. If you are playing out the ‘real masseuse’ scenario, trying to resist bringing your hands to touch her own amazing body might be very difficult.

The Tantric Massage is practically the reverse, where restraint and a slow-build up is the entire point. Everyone hears the word Tantric and thinks it means sex for hours, but at least in terms of massage it means being very slowly aroused.

The escort will use her hands to get you very close to orgasm but then suddenly stop whatever she’s doing (a process known as edging), and then start again very slowly. This way the intensity just builds and builds over a longer period of time, with the eventual release meant to be that much more exciting and pleasurable.

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For the impatient types, it might be more frustrating than fun, but for those who have experienced it, they will stress it is well worth the wait. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to choose an escort to try this unless she tells you she’s a pro at it already.

Finally, this isn’t so much a different massage type as a different approach, and that’s to give her a massage instead. If you spring this on her at the last minute, she may be surprised, but if you are confident in your skills, there’s no better feeling than getting her in the mood. You can be quite sure that even if you don’t get a massage in return, what you will get will feel very good indeed.


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